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Products Designed to make the motorcycling experience more enjoyable.

#C-50 Center Stand
lefthand crankcase A similar stand was an option for Duo-glides 1958-81. These cast aluminum 356 T-6 parts come with 3 bolts, nuts, bushings, screws and a spring clip as a complete kit.

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spring clip only
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#C-61 Rubber Lift Rail Pads for C-Lift
rubber pads If you want rubber strips to put on top of the C-LIFT as a frame protector, we have some pressure sensitive adhesive strips cut to length and ready for you to peel and install.
Keep in mind that any glued rubber strip may lose its bond and become slippery when they come in contact with solvents, soaps, oil etc. You must inspect the pads each time before use as the Lift, as the adhesive could have turned slippery.
(Pads come included with Easyroller and Mega 1500)

#C-61 (pair)
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#C-18 Quick Draw Buck Knife Holster
Created by Craig Sexton, this hand made brass holster keeps your buck knife conveniently at your side.

With only one hand you can quickly withdraw the knife and the blade is unfolded by an ingenious device. The handsome brass holster includes the buck knife. This quality device looks great and enables even an amputee to smoothly unfold a buck jack knife.
An American Art piece, hand crafted and copyright 2000 by Craig Sexton.

Please allow 10 days for shipping this fine hand crafted Holster.

#C-18 Holster/Knife
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Cal-Products Roadwear
shirts We offer different designs of our Cal-Products road shirts. They are high quality "Fruit of the Loom" heavy shirts and only cost $10, which includes priority shipping and 2 tubes of Rocket Fuel.

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cal-products harley davidson products
cal-products harley davidson products
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