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c-lift C-LIFT provides for convenient wall storage and portability. The foot pump allows for two free hands while smoothly lifting both wheels over a foot above the ground.

The C-Lift is 4 1/4 inches low, extends to a height of 20 inches and lifts 950 lbs easily.
(Static Rated Capacity 3,000 lbs).The Lift slides under the Harley, which can be resting on it's side stand, from the right hand or carb side.

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The Lift rails are adjustable, side to side, about 1 1/2 inches and each of the two lifting rails have centering tabs on the ends. These tabs keep the motorcycle from sliding side ways off the stand and should be positioned on the outside of the frame tubes.

As you pump the Lift with your foot, the motorcycle will raise and gently rock towards you as it levels itself on the frame and Lift rails. The higher you lift the more stable it becomes. Since it lifts in an arc, the Lift is like doing a weight lifting maneuver called a "curl". As you bring the weight closer to your body, the easier and more stable the "curl" becomes [more details].
YES it will easily pick up Sportsters too!
This 1995 Sportster 883 (photo to the right) is on a C-Lift which shares the similar design of all our lifts. You will notice the Sporty is all the way towards the right of the lift with only the frame tabs showing. This allows elevating without damage to the exhaust pipes which hang below the frame. The hook you see on top of the lift yoke is for a tie down and goes over the seat to fasten on the Left Side H section. Once attached, we give it a couple of pumps on the Hydraulic jack and the tie down is really tight. The Sporster is much lighter than the big twins and the frame tubes are closer together. This leads to the Sporty being a little "wiggley" when doing some heavy wrenching. The jiffy stand is left extended out so it clears the lift. The Sporty has about 1" of free play around the "sweet spot". Keep an eye out for a black box which is under some of these bikes. The tie down we used here is 750lb test and available elsewhere.

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The C-LIFT is also available from your local Dealer through all major Distributors.

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Harley on a C-LIFT
working under the lift
Working on a raised harley
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Harley on a C-LIFT

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cal-products harley davidson products
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