Instructions for C-LIFT, Easyroller and MEGA 1500

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Installation sketch

Installation of the orange bottle jack is accomplished by raising the black “Y” shaped lift yoke (the LIFT rails will follow)  high enough to clear the bottle jack.  This will be about a 12 inch space.  Once raised, drop in the bottle jack with the bottom square orange base of the jack on the angle square jack base of the LIFT.  Lower the top of the black lift yoke, down over the top of the orange bottle jack ram.  The lift rails are new and stiff.  Stand on them to collapse as low as you can.  In time, the rails will wear in like a new pair of shoes.
If you look on the box, the bottle jack came in, you will see a large screw which is the top of the jack ram.  Push the LIFT rails all the way down.  Unscrew this jack ram until it touches the top of the LIFT yoke.  Doing this will give you the most travel from the lowest position.  If you want more height, raise the jack ram screw, however the LIFT will not collapse as low. This adjustment will vary for each motorcycle.
Your bottle jack can be secured in it's location on the LIFT by the silver steel base clamp enclosed.  The best place to locate the base clamp is a the 7:00 o'clock position as you look down at the LIFT and the foot pump jack handle is pointing toward you and the back of the LIFT.  The small diameter orange tube supplied with the bottle jack, is a wrench to regulate the jack valve on all models EXCEPT the MEGA  and can be used to tighten the bolt on the silver base clamp  You may have received a small bag with a spring and wire shapes.  This is a duplicate of the spring return system that has already been installed on your orange bottle jack. You may keep them as spares.  We do ship our LIFTS without bottle jacks to some resellers.  If you received a LIFT without a bottle jack, please look for the enclosed INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLING SPRING RETURN ON JACK.

Easyroller LIFTS require joining of the WHEEL KIT to the orange LIFT base with the 3 enclosed bolts and special nuts on each end.  The swivel wheels go on the back of the orange LIFT base just behind the bottle jack.  Tighten the 3 bolts, no washers required, to about 35 ft lb.  The front wheels are attached in the same manner with the gold sticker UP.  IF your LIFT is an inch higher in the front, you have put the front wheels on upside down.

         You are now ready to LIFT your motorcycle off it's side stand or jiffy stand.

The first few times it would be better to have someone hold the bike straight up with the jiffy stand ALWAYS extended.  Slide or roll the LIFT under your motorcycle from the right hand side.  (Right hand side is the air cleaner or cam side.  When you sit on your motorcycle the throttle is on the right side.  The jiffy stand is on your left side.)

FL models have a bracket under the transmission connecting one side of the frame tube to the other.  The rear LIFT rail goes inside this bracket and the front frame tubes go inside the LIFT rail tabs on the narrower from LIFT rail.  Earlier FL will locate the front LIFT rail behind the floor board mount.

Softails will pick up on both the front frame tubes like the FL and may touch the shock absorbers on the bottom.  Our LIFTS have never damaged a shock absorber.  If it concerns you then HD (hundred dollars) has a FRAME PROTECTOR KIT #94675-99 which clips on your Harley.  Buy this from your Harley dealer $13.00

Dynas to 1998 similar to FL & Softails.  DYNA 1999 & 200 you will need a DYNA LIFT KIT ADAPTER #98965-99 from Harley Davidson for $21.00 - since the oil tank hangs down below the frame.

Sportsters will have to be located to the RIGHT end of the LIFT rails so the frame tabs are between the exhaust pipes and the right side frame tube.  The Sporty is a little lighter and the frame tubes are closer together so use a tie down when torqueing a head bolt or other heavy wrenching.

Metric motorcycles may require the use of a plywood board between the LIFT rails and the aluminum oil pan.

ELEVATION or LIFTING:  ALWAYS keep your jiffy stand extended.  Our LIFTS are designed to lean to the left when they descend or lower.  Should you forget to tighten the jack valve or engage on of the locking devices, your motorcycle will likley be resting quietly on the jiffy stand should it unexpectedly descend.  With the LIFT under your motorcycle and the frame tubes within the rail frame tabs (so your motorcycle will not slide off the end of the LIFT rail), give the bottle jack a couple of pumps.  LOOK under your motorcycle and make sure you are not squashing something, a black electric box, an exhaust pipe, etc.  NOW are you LIFTING only one wheel off the ground about 6 inches?  You should lower your motorcycle in this case and move the LIFT towards the wheel which is still on the ground.  YES it is a balancing act until you find the “sweet spot”.  Our LIFT rails are adjustable side to side for more precise balancing.  As you LIFT, your motorcycle will come towards you.  Our design LIFT in an arc and like a weight lifter doing a maneuver called a “curl” the LIFT will be more stable the higher you elevate.  Once elevated or LIFTED, you will be able to insert 2 of the orange headed stay bolts into any 2 of the 4 holes in the orange base.  Always keep the bottle jack valve tight when the motorcycle is elevated.

TIE DOWN:  You may use a tie down to hold your motorcycle to the LIFT.  Hook one end onto the left horizontal bar of the left black “H” section then over the seat or frame to the top of the black LIFT yoke.  You may pull or ratchet it tight, then give a few more pumps with the foot pump to gain hydraulic force tightening.  Your tie down will hold about 2,000 lb.  and your bottle jack will product 8,00 lb. of be careful.

MEGA 1500:  MEGA’s have 2 yellow stay bars which can be positioned inside the base at full extension to provide extra locking choices.  The long handle pops into the square receiver of the LIFT yoke and is used to help guide your fully elevated motorcycle across your garage floor.  You may find it easier to pull your motorcycle than push it across the garage.  You may remove the handle by pushing in the silver button in the square receiver.

ACCESSORIES:  We include rubber pads with the MEGA  1500.  We offer a long foot PEDAL with a rectangular pad for $12.00.  You may add 3 different wheel options to our standard C-LIFT. The C33 Dolly allows you to have 2 motorcycles in the air at the same time.  C-LIFT the motorcycle up, roll the DOLLY under, lower the motorcycle onto the DOLLY and take the C-LIFT away to pick up another motorcycle.  The DOLLY has 4 swivel casters and two of them have total wheel locks.  We do not recommend the DOLLY for us on 1995+FL or 1999+DYNA models by home mechanics.  Some of the earlier  C-LIFTS will need to have the 3 holes drilled in each end of the orange base to attach the WHEEL KIT.  Once installed, the WHEEL KIT will not work with the DOLLY.  Our C41 Carriage (6 wheels) is used for badly cracked garage floors.  The C-LIFT drops into this 6 wheeled device and floats your motorcycle across the uneven floors.  Since the C-LIFT is not bolted to the CARRIAGE the movement is soft and mushy as the load transfer between the 6 wheels.

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