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c-lift At Last, a complete lift at the right price! Extends 20 inches, compresses to 4 inches low, includes a foot operated hydraulic jack, 7 locking choices, hardened bolts, and tie down. The smooth rolling chassis with roller bearing wheels, is clean, rugged and reliable. (shown with optional Harley Frame Kit Adapters)

The Easyroller tm is shipped in 2 boxes, the black wheel kit will have to be bolted on each end with the bolts included and the bottle jack dropped in place under the lift yoke. A jack to base clamp is included should you want to retain the jack to the lift when not in use.

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There are 2 red head stay bolts included, to place in any 2 of the 4 sets of stay bolt holes which lock the lift in an elevated position. Some Fathers may use a pad lock in one of the stay bolt holes so Jr. won't be tempted to take the "big bike" for a ride. To keep your elevated dresser from rolling down the driveway there are 2 immovable floor locks on the back of the swivle caster carrier. Screw these down finger tight before you begin to raise the Harley.

Our wheels are double sheilded so you can use a power washer and not blow the lubricant out of the bearings. The wheels are a special high impact plastic which roll easily and will not leave rust stains on your floor. Our tie down hooks on the H section horizontal tube, and over the seat, or frame, or transmission to the top of the lift yoke. Pull to snug and then give the foot pump a couple of strokes to gain hydraulic securing force. Your elevated Harley will move smoothly across the floor with your 2 floor locks retracted.

No longer sold by Cal-Products

No longer sold by us

Our wheels are double sheilded so you can use a power washer and not blow the lubricant out of the bearings.
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cal-products harley davidson products
When you buy a Easyroller directly from us at Cal-Products, you have 30 days from the date you received your Easyroller to return it for any reason to Cal-Products (9700 Whitefield Road, East Jordan MI 49727). We will refund your full purchase price and whatever we charged you to ship it to you. 48 State U.S.A. sales only.
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