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made stronger and more reliable.

Inner Primary
inner primary #C-30 for (1965 - 1969) Generator engines.

#C-30EP RIVERA'S Electric Pan Belt drive for 1955-64. *2lbs. heavier and reinforced!
Shot peened inside and out. LOOKS GREAT!
more info Click here for more info on the C-30 and C-30EP

#C-30B for (1970 - 1984) Alternator models. *4 lbs. heavier and reinforced!
* As seen pictured in the POWER MODULE
more Click here for more info on the C-30B

This items are now sold by Rivera Primo, click here to order.

Transmission Parts / Cases
C5 C7
#C-5 Bearing retainer plane for four speed transmission cases.

#C-7 Transmission mounting studs, oversize to prevent leaking like the OEM.
     $8 for all 4
#C-8 4-Speed (1939 to 1964)
more Click here for more info on the C-8.

#C-11A 4-Speed (1965 - 79)
* As seen pictured in the POWER MODULE
more Click here for more info on the C-11 series.

C8 C11

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers concerning the C-8 and C-11

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Exhaust Ports
exhaust ports #C-14 Pan Exhaust Port
An individual casting with the correct O.D. and tapered I.D. in extra length for the replacement of worn, cracked, or missing Exhaust Ports. It is cast from the same high temperature alloy as used in the head. This alloy is not available in standard tube form nor is there a standard tube, which has the correct O.D. or I.D.

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Shift Lever Kits
C6 C62 #C-6 (With Forward Control)
New design ball bearing shift levers. Ends sloppy shifting on the late 1979 Thru 1986 4 speed.
C6 Shift Kit for forward control foot shifter as used on 1979-86 four speed trans.
The kit is a new cast lever in 356 AL with heat treatment to T6, and then shot peened. The ORM had a steel bushing installed within a soft aluminum lever, which wore quickly even if it was greased regularly. We made a stronger lever and installed a double sealed ball bearing with a double metal shield. The original bolt is no longer used, we supply an Allen head socket shoulder bolt which is secured with locktite into the bearing. The double-sealed, shielded, and permanently lubricated ball bearing is a superior replacement. We also install a new, hardened dowel pin

#C-62 (With Thru-Primary Shifter)
C62 Shift Kit is an assembly like C6 for late 1979 thru 1986 4 speed dome top or cowpie or rotary lib transmissions. The C62 is used on thru primary shifters. Like the C6, this is a new casting with double shielded and double sealed ball bearings. The two pins found on the OEM have been replaced with ground shoulder bolts which must be locktited in upon installation.

This items are now sold by Rivera Primo, click here to order.
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