4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack The 4 ton bottle jack we ship has the large orange handle already retained in the Bottle Jack by our special spring kit. This keeps the handle spring loaded in the "up" position to allow foot pump operation.

Jack Adjust Screw There is an adjustment screw on the top of the jack ram to help you get the full extension and compression you want/need from our Lift.

Base Clamp The silver jack Base Clamp allows easy removal of the bottle jack for storage on a shelf. Our Base Clamp eliminates the need to drill, weld or otherwise alter the bottle jack which voids their warranty. Without the bottle jack, the Lift can be hung against a wall out of the way when not in use. The Base Clamp maintains bottle jack location on the Lift while the weight of your Harley really keeps the bottle jack from moving under the load.

6 Ton Bottle Jack The heaviest Harley weighs less than 800 lb.. we offer a choice of either 4 or 6 ton Bottle Jack on Mega 1500. The 4 ton is probably overkill since the 4 ton produces 8000 lb. of force. The 6 Ton is easier to pump, however, subject to the laws of physics, must be pumped more times to arrive at the same extension. The 6 Ton is physically larger and has a greater reserve force potential.

6 Ton Knob We include a special aluminum knob to more precisely regulate the decent. The knob is installed without heating or other damage to the bottle jack and can be removed then reinstalled on another bottle jack.

Non Destructive Bottle Jack The Spring Kit, Base Clamp, Accessories Aluminum Knobs, and optional Pedal, can easily be transferred to another Bottle Jack should it become inoperable.

Foot Pedal Option Accessory We stock user installed extension Foot Pedals @ $12.00. Although it's very seldom requested, for some this may be a practical option.

The Orange Base of our Lift This the base of our system (Mega has a Black Base) . The Lift Products are each pre assembled and accept an assembled Wheel Kit from the factory. When you open the box the contents are assembled, you are ready to lift right away.

Forward Thinking Design With our Design, as the Lift descends, the Harley is inclined to lean left. As long as the Jiffy stand is extended and the wheels are not obstructed, the Harley will come to rest on the Jiffy Stand even if the decent was unintentional.

Locking Choices
A. The Bottle Jack- positions are infinite.
B. The 4 sets of thru holes in the base, select at least any 2 stay bolts.
C. The Wheel Kit has 2 immovable floor locks. The only way to be sure your Lift will not travel is to take the pressure off the rear wheels by finger tightening these 2 locks.
D. The Mega 1500 has 2 yellow stay bars. Although they can be placed in 2 height positions, the near fully elevated position is best.
5 - C Lift (A,B) has 5 locking choices
7 - Easyroller (A,B,C) has 7 locking choices
9 - Mega Lift (A,B,C,D) has 9 locking choices

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