Lift Rail Powder Coated Our Lift Rails are powder coated meaning there's plastic between the steel of our Lift and the black paint of you frame.

SAFETY RETENTION Lift Rail End Tabs Provide another measure of security. This is a security device that keeps the elevated motorcycle from sliding sideways off the Lift. Two Very Different Lift Rails More complicated and expensive to produce, they provide better location positions and help keep the cycle centered on the Lift. FL models - our rear Lift Rail "clicks" into the factory frame bracket under the transmission for positive location.

Adjustable Lift Rails They allow 3/4 inch of width adjustment to compensate for various accessories or weight concentration such as empty vs. full saddle bags. Allow fine tuning of your lift to your bike.

'H' Square Heavy Wall Tubing Provides both strength and rigidity to smoothly elevate your Harley. The horizontal stiffening bar on each "H" section are also locating areas for tie down usage. You should elevate the Harley about 3/4 of the distance up, then install the tie down from the left "H" over the seat or frame to hook either the other horizontal stiffing bar - tie down location or top of the Lift yoke. Pull by hand to approximately 80 lb.. then give a few foot pumps to tighten to 1000 lb.

Ergonomically Designed Elevate 20" high, this height has been determined to be the most comfortable. We encourage engaging the safety devices. Locks at near this full height. Should you require height extenders we will supply as user installed items for 25" extension - Please Call. We are able to precision punch all pivot holes in square tubing. This provides consistent spacing and stronger stiffened hole areas to compensate for the metal removed from the tubing wall. The punched pivot holes are burnished by the process providing a smooth bearing surface with the necessary air gap for corrosion resistance to water and moisture. Even our earliest primitive drilled holes have been running for more than 9 years. Hardened Bolts We use the correct hardness bolts as bearing surfaces for our "H" sections. Like the 3 bears oatmeal, some bolts are too soft, some are too hard and ours are just right. Too soft and the bolt will wear prematurely. Too hard and the bolt will fracture prematurely especially if there is no air or moisture drainage.

We use special "one way" nuts on our bolts. These special-precision-nuts do not come loose in operation. They are tightened at our factory and stay at the same place on the bolts. No washers required. Our products come already assembled.

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