Tie Down With our all our wheeled lifts and 4 wheel kit we include a double hook tie down. Hook one end on the right horizontal square bar of the lifting H section. Then over the seat or frame to the other 10 inch long square bar or on to the top of the lift yoke and tighten. Give the foo pump a few strokes to really tighten.

3 foot long handle Only on the Mega 1500, this handle pops in and out with the push of a single button. Use this handle to move your elevated Harley around the garage while holding on to The throttle grip. When your Harley is where you want it, push the button and remove it easily to get close to your elevated Harley.

Two Tow Handles Only on the Mega 1500, these welded Tow handles help you to position your lift under your bike or pull the lift around in the garage and hang it on the wall for storage.