Our wheel carriers are double stiffened with steel plate weldaments. This eliminates deflection and provides correct loading on our special casters. You have solid dependable control even when moving your fully elevated Harley.

Non Flattening- Non Rusting, Easy Rolling Full Bearing, Heavy Duty Wheels We spared no expense to put the best wheels for the application on our wheeled products. You are rolling a very high valued Harley in both dollars and emotional attachment. You will enjoy and feel confident, rolling your elevated Harley across the floor.
* Special plastic composition
* Caged Roller Bearing
* Steel Shields to eliminate the need for further lubrication

Superior Wheel Composition Our special high impact plastic wheels are designed to carry the load of an elevated Harley smoothly across a floor. Our Wheels will never settle under the weight of a Harley even after long winter storage. There will NOT be any flat spots on them. Our wheels will not leave black marks or rust spots on your floor. Our wheels will never dig into your concrete or grove your cement floor.

4" Diameter The large 4" diameter wheels, front and rear, make your Harley easy to pull or push across your floor and still ride over imperfections or gaps efficiently & smoothly.

Caged Roller Bearings Similar to the heavy load bearings in your transmission and drive train, our wheels have large roller bearings between the wheel and axle. These solid roller bearings greatly reduce the effort required to move your elevated Harley. Since they are roller bearings within a special lubricating cage. They will provide long life and easy rolling.

Steel Shielded The axles on all our wheels have steel shields to protect the axle bearings. You can power wash your motorcycle and our Lift without worry.

Ball Bearing Swivel There are over 58 Ball Bearing on each of our swivel casters. These two sets of ball bearings provide smooth positive rotation of the swivel casters.

Large Swing Radius Our swivel casters have an extra large swing radius. They provide more stability in turns by spreading abrupt turns over a larger radius. They track in line during a straight pull or push. They also provide a triangle foot print at rest. The larger diameter radius transforms a normal in line stance from a parallel to a more dependable triangulated stance.

Total Wheel Locks Our very popular Dolly uses 2 total locking versions of our standard caster. Unlike wheel brakes that only slow rotation of the wheels, our total locks are similar to your automobile. They lock rotation (Park) and lock swing movement (steering wheel). The locks are engaged by foot on each caster.

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