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Patented Design Since 1994
Assures you are getting the Genuine Product.

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Since 1974. We have faithfully supplied Harley owners like yourself with successful products for over 25 years. You gain our proven expertise and honest trade with every product.

We are always in stock and ship within 24 hours Monday-Friday

Forward Thinking
Our well designed products have reliable interchange ability.  The
Wheel Kit you buy today will bolt on  the C-Lift you bought 9 years ago

We Manufacture   We have large well designed manufacturing facilities that efficiently produce quality components and assemblies.  The contents in each Lift product box are already assembled.  We know your purchase will work.

We Do It RIGHT  By designing components with forward thinking, we are able to provide a very high quality product at a very fair price and in large numbers.
You benefit by receiving the product you need when you want it.  At the best price and a satisfaction guarantee setting the highest standard.  "We will refund the full amount you paid including the shipping to you if you are not satisfied with the Cal Product.".
This means that we will even pay the cost of shipping one way.  What other company is that confident in their product?

Lift Rail Powder Coated Our Lift Rails are powder coated meaning there's
plastic between the steel of our Lift and the black paint of you frame.

SAFETY RETENTION Lift Rail End Tabs  Provide another measure of security.
This is a security device that keeps the elevated motorcycle from sliding sideways off the Lift.

Two Very Different Lift Rails More complicated and expensive to produce, they provide better location positions and help keep the cycle centered on the Lift.  FL models - our
rear Lift Rail "clicks" into the factory frame bracket under the transmission for positive location.

Adjustable Lift Rails They allow 3/4 inch of  width adjustment to compensate for various accessories or weight concentration such as empty vs. full saddle bags.  Allow fine tuning of your lift to your bike.

“H” Square Heavy Wall Tubing Provides both strength and rigidity to smoothly elevate your Harley.  The horizontal stiffening bar on each "H" section are also locating areas for tie
 down usage.  You should elevate the Harley about  3/4 of the distance up,  then install the tie down from the left "H" over the seat or frame to hook either the other horizontal stiffing bar - tie down location or top of the Lift yoke. Pull by hand to approximately 80 lb.. then give a few foot pumps to tighten to 1000 lb.

Ergonomically Designed
Elevate 20" high, this height has been determined to be the most comfortable.  We
encourage engaging the safety devices.    Locks at near this full height. Should you require height extenders we will supply as user installed items for 25" extension - Please Call.

We are able to precision punch all pivot holes in square tubing.  This provides consistent spacing and stronger stiffened hole areas to compensate for the metal removed from the tubing wall.  The punched  pivot holes are burnished by the process providing a smooth   bearing surface with the necessary air gap for corrosion resistance to water and moisture.  Even our earliest primitive drilled holes have been running for more than 9 years.

Hardened Bolts   We use the correct hardness bolts as bearing surfaces for our ""H"" sections. Like the 3 bears oatmeal, some bolts are too soft, some are too hard and ours are just right.  Too soft and the bolt will wear prematurely.  Too hard and the bolt will fracture
prematurely especially if there is no air or moisture drainage.

We use special "one way” nuts on our bolts.
These special-precision-nuts do not come loose in operation.  They are tightened at our factory and stay at the same place on the bolts.  No washers required. Our products come already assembled.

4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
The 4 ton bottle jack we ship has the large orange handle already retained in the Bottle Jack by our special spring kit.  This keeps the handle spring loaded in the "up" position to allow foot pump operation.

Jack Adjust Screw  There is an adjustment screw on the top of the jack ram to help you get
  the full extension and compression you want/need from our Lift.

Base Clamp  The silver jack Base Clamp allows easy removal of the bottle jack for storage on a shelf. Our Base Clamp eliminates the need to drill, weld or otherwise alter the bottle jack which voids their warranty. Without the bottle jack, the Lift can be hung against a wall out of the way when not in use.  The Base Clamp maintains bottle jack location on the Lift while the weight of  your Harley really keeps the bottle jack from moving under the load.

6 Ton Bottle Jack  The heaviest Harley weighs less  than 800 lb.. we offer a choice of either 4 or 6 ton Bottle Jack on Mega 1500.  The 4 ton is probably overkill since the 4 ton produces 8000 lb. of force.  The 6 Ton is easier to pump, however, subject to the laws of physics, must be pumped more times to arrive at the same extension.  The 6 Ton is physically larger and has a greater reserve force potential.

6 Ton Knob  We include a special aluminum knob to more precisely regulate the decent.
The knob is installed without heating or other damage to the bottle jack and can be removed then reinstalled on another bottle jack.

Non Destructive Bottle Jack  The Spring Kit, Base Clamp, Accessories  Aluminum Knobs, and optional Pedal, can easily be transferred to another Bottle Jack should it become  inoperable.

Foot Pedal Option Accessory We stock user installed extension Foot Pedals @ $12.00.  Although it's very seldom requested, for some this may be a practical option.

The Orange Base of our Lift  This the base of our system (Mega has a Black Base) .  The Lift  Products are each pre assembled and accept an assembled Wheel Kit from the factory.  When you open the box the contents are assembled, you are ready to lift right away.

Forward Thinking Design With our Design, as the Lift descends, the Harley is inclined to lean left.  As long as the Jiffy stand is extended and the wheels are not obstructed, the Harley will come to rest on the  Jiffy Stand even if the decent was unintentional.

Locking Choices
  A. The Bottle Jack- positions are infinite.
  B. The 4 sets of thru holes in the base, select at least any 2 stay bolts.
  C. The Wheel Kit has 2 immovable  floor locks.  The only way to be sure your Lift will not travel is to take the pressure off the rear wheels by finger tightening these 2  locks.
  D. The Mega 1500 has 2 yellow stay  bars.  Although they can be placed in 2 height positions, the near fully elevated position is best.

5 - C Lift (A,B) has 5 locking choices
7 - Easyroller (A,B,C) has 7 locking choices
9 - Mega Lift (A,B,C,D) has 9 locking choices


Our wheel carriers are double stiffened with steel plate weldaments.  This eliminates deflection and provides correct loading on our special casters.  You have solid dependable control even when moving your fully elevated Harley.

Non Flattening- Non Rusting, Easy Rolling Full Bearing, Heavy Duty Wheels

 We spared no expense to put the best wheels for the application on our wheeled products.  You are rolling a very high valued Harley in both dollars  and emotional attachment.  You will enjoy and feel confident, rolling your  elevated Harley across the floor.
* Special plastic composition
* Caged Roller Bearing
* Steel Shields to eliminate the need for further lubrication

* Superior Wheel Composition  Our special high impact plastic wheels are designed to carry the load of an elevated Harley smoothly across a floor.  Our Wheels will never settle under the weight of a Harley even after long winter storage.  There will NOT be any flat spots on them.  Our wheels will not leave black marks or rust spots on your floor.  Our wheels will never dig into your concrete or grove your cement floor.

* 4" Diameter    The large 4” diameter wheels, front and rear, make your Harley easy to
pull or push across your floor and still ride over imperfections or gaps efficiently & smoothly.

Caged Roller Bearings   Similar to the heavy load bearings in your transmission and drive train, our wheels have large roller bearings between the wheel and axle.  These solid roller bearings greatly reduce the effort required to move your elevated Harley.  Since they are
roller bearings within a special lubricating cage. They will provide long life and easy rolling.

Steel Shielded    The axles on all our wheels have steel shields to protect the axle bearings.
 You can power wash your motorcycle and our Lift without worry.

Ball Bearing Swivel    There are over 58 Ball Bearing on  each of our swivel casters.  These two sets of ball bearings provide smooth positive rotation of  the swivel casters.

Large Swing Radius   Our swivel casters have an extra large swing radius.  They provide more stability in turns by spreading abrupt turns over a larger radius.  They track in line during a straight pull or push.  They also provide a triangle foot print at rest.  The larger diameter radius transforms a normal in line stance from a parallel to a more dependable triangulated stance.

Total Wheel Locks    Our very popular Dolly uses 2 total locking versions of our standard  caster.  Unlike wheel brakes that only slow rotation of the wheels, our total locks are similar to your automobile.  They lock rotation (Park) and lock swing movement (steering  wheel).  The locks are engaged by foot on each caster.

Tie Down With our all our wheeled lifts and 4 wheel k it we include a double hook tie down. Hook one end on the right horizontal square bar of the lifting H section. Then over the seat or frame to the other 10 inch long square bar or on to the top of the lift yoke and tighten. Give the foo pump a few strokes to really tighten.

3 foot long handle Only on the Mega 1500, this handle pops in and out with the push of a single button. Use this handle to move your elevated Harley around the garage while holding on to The throttle grip. When your Harley is where you want it, push the button and remove it easily to get close to your elevated Harley.

Two Tow Handles Only on the Mega 1500, these welded Tow handles help you to position your lift under your bike or pull the lift around in the garage and hang it on the wall for storage.

U.S.Patent D344,835 We can make any design we want, we hold the Patent.

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