LiquiVac makes oil changes and other
maintenance jobs QUICK, CLEAN and EASY!

Finally, a clean way to change your oil on a Harley!

Changing oil on Harleys has always been a mess. The sad part was, all the sludge that settled in the oil tank, seldom came out with the old oil. Yes, you could rinse out the tank with kerosene, but that too was messy and smelly. Harleys are dry sump engines which means the crankcase is dry, there is little or no oil in it. All the engine oil is in the tank. On other model Harleys there is an aluminum pan on the bottom with a drain plug which is very easy to strip the threads out of .
Our LiquiVac Oil Extractor will reduce the need to remove the dainty drain plug.

Now with our Oil Extractor you never touch the oil. The small tube allows you to reach into the smallest of spaces and get every drop. This special motorcycle oil extractor has more force than draining and operates on the vacuum principal. The gray air evacuation pump is similar to a tire pump but works backwards.

First you pump the air out of the green vacuum chamber. When you have a sufficient vacuum, about 15 pumps, you insert the tube into the Harley oil tank (case) through the filler hole and open the valve. The oil extractor sucks the oil out of your tank or case in about 10 minutes. Since it uses the force of vacuum, there is enough suction to pull out sediment and sludge with the old oil. The oil replaces the air you pumped out and you have traded air for old oil in the green vacuum chamber.
Clean, no rags or mess. If a little more oil or sludge is still in the Harley, just pump the gray handle for more vacuum and out it comes.

When you have withdrawn or evacuated all the oil, cap the green vacuum chamber and dispose of the dirty oil, cleanly.

#C-20 LiquiVac $49.95
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