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Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel was developed exclusively
for the Harley Big Twins.

WARNING Not for Jap bikes!

1 oz tube of Rocket Fuel

  • Requires no mixture adjustment
  • Protects valves and seats
  • Will not harm gaskets or o-rings

Rocket Fuel provides a more complete and thorough burn of fuel mixture to release full torque and power, while providing protection to internal head components by seeking out hot spots and adhering to them. Variations in gasoline, atmosphere, mechanical components, and operation will result in a difference of effectiveness.

Some motorcycles will see no benefit at all, while others will notice immediate improvement. Therefore, we recommend you use only as needed. When you get bad gas - put it in.

More info about Rocket Fuel... Click here!

Rocket Fuel has been out there working in motorcycles for the past 30+ years, maybe it's time YOU tried a tube?

Rocket Fuel 55 tubes $75.00 (Free shipping!)

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Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
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