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#C-40 Wheel Kit - for all C-Lifts past to present
wheels for C-Lift 2 Swivel Casters w/nuts, bolts, and washers
2 4" Wheels with shielded bearings w/nuts, bolts and washers
6 3/8" nuts, bolts and washers (Bright Plated)
2 Axle Carriers

This is a retro fit assembly for ALL C-Lifts. To Convert your 1991-1998 C-Lift to an Easyroller you may have to drill 3 holes in each end of the orange base. Later model C-Lifts already have these holes punched in them.

PROCEDURE: Drill a 3/8" hole through one hanger hole, then bolt it to the C-Lift. Drill through the other two holes. Repeat this action for the other hanger. (Included are our superior, multi-bearing, swivel casters. EACH caster contains 58 separate parts with 3 sets of bearings).

#C-40 Wheel Kit
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#C-33 Dolly
dolly MOVE it, STORE it.... with the greatest of ease!
4 HIGH QUALITY CASTERS, each with 3 sets of shielded bearings. Within every individual caster there are 58 separate component parts. Our casters offer a higher quality product than normally found. The shielded bearing allows for steam or water cleaning. 5 " high casters with 4" wheels.

Now Dolly comes with 2 lock kits already installed. Note: Late model FLs with oil tank surrounding transmission and XL should use the C-41 Carriage.

#C-33 Dolly
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1. CLEAR YOUR SERVICE AREA and take in more cycles!
2. SAFELY move over carpet from service to display areas!
3. ALLOWS ONE PERSON TO MOVE wrecked cycles,
even without a front end!
4. FREES UP YOUR C-LIFT to use on another motorcycle!

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cal-products harley davidson products
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